Reviews for "Aground"

This game is crazy addictive.

My only issue is that I'm stuck on the two titanium quest because, like an idiot, I sold one before I got the quest and the drop rate from golems is torture.

davidmaletz responds:

Search underground in the science island. Everyone who goes back to the starting island and starts killing golems has this problem :P .

I died just trying to find the first 8 pieces of wood cause i was over my encumbrance load and losing health once i ran out of stamina.... Then on my second try I realized ive played and beaten this before. Great game.

Amaizing game Great graphics ,good gameplay and good story but there is 1 issue i encountered:so when i got the alter crystals i thought it wuld be a good idea to turn my dragon into a armor,and like a idiot i didint get another fire stone
so i continued and i got stuck on the starter island

and i didint build a dock yet

anyway cant wait for more updates this game is amaizing

davidmaletz responds:

You can transform your armor back into a dragon by selecting the armor and hitting transform. The only downside is it'll require another alter gem to re-transform.

Great game! Only thing is I played before the Magic Island update and now my save file is gone :(

This game is just like if Terraria and Minecraft had a baby. The art is pleasing to look at, and the amount of content in the game doesn't feel like a burden; it feels like a dream. The game plays well, and the only thing holding it back from 5 stars in my book is the sub-par battle mechanics.