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Reviews for "Aground"

I played this game back when it was barely out of version 1 and I'm pretty happy with how much it has been improved and expanded on since then.

There are a few flaws though.
- I'm not sure whether this was intentional or not, but the the hotkeys are pretty terrible for equipment. They're fine for consumables, but they constantly switch when using Gear, and it becomes quite easy to accidentally "Replace" the equipment with the one you're using. Which means having to Re-bind the hotkey again.

-I know that the anvil not being able to connect with the storehouse was done for balance reasons, but having to walk back and forth between them when they're placed right next to each other can get tedious, especially on islands without the Mechanic (This is a minor annoyance though).

-The Wyrm Maze is great the first time you're exploring it, but using it to travel between islands is not fun when you're trying to navigate it with a small map, and a bunch of signs you have to place to remember which path leads to a dead end.

-It sure would be nice if there was an option to hire a gofer to send whatever is produced in a smelter, kitchen, or barn straight to the storehouse. I think the farmer kind of does this, but not to the whole harvest (Minor Annoyance).

-What do I do when I mine everything out of an Island?

Amazing game

Simple Mechanics, Unique Sprite Animation & Environments, & has a great Atmosphere. Great job!

A flash game, this is simply amazing. All the choices made me want to spend hours playing this game since theres so much to do.

The Dragon Armor is pure genius. I do wish that getting to Fire island was easier, though. Maybe something like an Obsidian boat? or a Teleportation Spell?.