Reviews for "Aground"

Its good. A fine and addictive idea, however the balancing is all over the place. Enemy spawnrate is way too high with no way to ignore them, they kill you way too easy and you can focus too many skillpoints on other things other than fighting and be stuck.

Sleeping doesn't regen your health (bad idea) and there is no continues, you go on from your last save. This isn't Super Metroid, i know that its to add tension to the idea that you HAVE to focus on survival but if you make a game in which dying is so easy if you dont try your best to avoid it you have to add measures to make sure the player doesn't feel like if he's stuck in a unwinnable scenario or if its just not worth to keep trying to play.

Addictive, fun and surprisingly challenging. A+

I Expected This Game To Be Another Meh Game. But I Just Noticed That I've Been Playing For A Couple Of Hours :) This Game Is Actually Quite Good

Amazing game, I spent over 4 hours playing without even realizing and would have spent more if the need to sleep wasn't a thing. The only problem I can think of is how repetitive the music might get but I wasn't really paying attention since I was so focused so...it's neither here nor there I suppose.

I was trying to complete the adult dragon's quest when I accidentally hit it and now it won't stop trying to attack me. Anyone know a way to stop it or is the only way killing it?

davidmaletz responds:

I'm glad you like the game. The dragon will go back to sleep after 1-2 minutes game time (try doing other quests or mining around), and then you can summon the alchemist again. Defeating the dragon is a valid way to continue though (completing it's quest is an alternate path).

Very nice!