Reviews for "Aground"

i love this game so much but why do all of my brand new saves say they are incomplete? even when the game hasnt updated?

davidmaletz responds:

Oh, that's a bug - it's failing to load two items and so it thinks the save is incomplete, but those two items shouldn't have been there anyways. I'll fix it!

I like surviving on this island!

Even for being a demo is very good! I love it!

Really great game! My only grype is that the Wyrm Maze in the magic island had an obscene amount of dead ends. Like, LUDICROUS amounts of dead ends. Took me a whole day playing to chart the whole thing, only to learn from other players it is randomly generated with each playthrough.

http://aground.wikia.com/wiki/Dungeons#comm-2552 I mean it. Even with the dead ends filled up with solid blocks, it'd still feel like a maze.

great game i will probably be playing this in the future....... later this is a way bigger game than i had thought. good job guys.