Reviews for "Aground"

Amazing game! I came to this expecting a half hour of mild entertainment, but now I'm hooked! I love how you can explore all the different islands and new types of tools and weapons are introduced along the way, so I never felt lost or confused, along with the many helpful missions just to make sure I was making progress.

I did have a couple small problems with it though :(

(Sorry in advance for butchering the enemy names)
Like when I got the cat pet, it did less damage than my wolf (Caleb), so I sold it. But then Caleb didn't attack the ranged enemies or even the cyborg dogs.
1. So do different pets (that attack, of course) attack only on certain islands and if so, why?
2. Can you please make it not possible to sell pets or possible to revive/recycle/rescue/ect them in the future?

Another problem I had, and Idk if it was just my computer or the game, was that when I got to the second island and tried to turn back to get food so I didn't starve, I bumped into a whirlpool and almost starved on my boat (luckily the apples and bread I found in the ocean saved me long enough to get back and figure out with my on brain cell that I had to start the generator with coal, not just oil). Also I ended up leaving some valuables behind because of this. So in future, could there be a way to get back to the first island or a message when you leave saying you can't come back or something?

Also, and I know this is nitpicky (sorry) but the blueprints sorta triggered me. I couldn't get them out of my inventory and I didn't want to build anything but they were always there and I couldn't move any of them >:.( Could there be a toggle button for seeing them or maybe a drop down menu in your inventory so I didn't have my nice neat inventory messed up by the blueprints?

Amazing game though! Everyone can tell you must have put tons of work in to make it this way! :D

davidmaletz responds:

I'm glad you're enjoying the game! Here are some answers:

1. Damage is computed as attack-defense, and if an enemy's defense is greater than or equal to a familiar's attack, it cannot hurt it and it will not attack (the tame wolf has 3 attack, the cat 2).
2. You can buy back items until the market restocks, but if you're too late, they are gone for good. You can, however, obtain all familiar types again (catch one of the panthers at night on the starting island to get a new cat).

If you hold left/right, you can cross the whirlpool fast enough it will not suck you into it.

You cannot remove blueprints from your inventory, but if you go to options -> gameplay options and deselect show blueprints in All tab, they will disappear from the all tab of your inventory and only be visible if you intentionally go to the blueprints tab.

the begining reminds me a bit of a dark room an awesome text based game

Something I'd expect to pay money for. (2nd Edit after beating it: And I will, and have already done).
I also hate that the achievements on this god damn website still don't work most of the time. (Have gotten almost all achievements in game, but only 10 according to the website. Also have been around since like 2009)
4 hours later update: Now I got all the achievements according to the website.

3rd edit: Either the steam version doesn't import correctly, or my save isn't correctly exported, or the variables for the following achievements have changed since this demo, in any case, I don't have "Shiny", "Heavier Lifter", "Get Wyrm", "Mmm, Cheese", "Building My Way", "Powering Up", "Hatchling", "Dragon Tamer", "Synthetic Steak" and "Forging Ahead" on the steam version.

4th edit: Thanks for informing me. I've gone ahead and registered to the cloud sync, so now I can enjoy having all the demo achievements on the steam version. Great game so far. (Edit 5: It's fixed in the full release as the pirate quest, where your only option to find the pirates is that maelstrom) Though wish that you could deconstruct boats, because I have one at every island border basically.
Can't stress enough that the game is excellent non the less!

davidmaletz responds:

I'm glad you're enjoying (and have bought the game) - thank you so much! A few of the achievements don't transfer over, as the save file doesn't keep track of all the achievements (they are stored globally). I should probably either link those in the save files or have a separate export for settings and achievements.

i wish the full version of this game were free to play i love it

When i first played this game i didn't like it. But i'm so happy i came back and played more as i love this game so much. I've literally stayed up all night playing this game and loving every moment of it, not a lot of games i've seen on newgrounds that is more awesome than this