Reviews for "Aground"

Good game dude :v

I don't have more things to put here

Reminds me Terraria hue hue

The game looks amazing from the Cutscenes to the Gameplay itself but sometimes it can get boring searching for the one thing you need to complete a objective overall the programming story and concept is great. And as far as I know so far no bugs the enemies dont really have that many attacks tho still its great since you need to get stronger to kill some some enemies and so far the game is just amazing its a nice game for people who want to start playing games
4 Stars!

I am loving this game! It's so much fun! I was especially happy to see my progress loading properly!

However I'm getting an issue where the medals I get in the game aren't carrying over to NG. The NG achievements aren't activating for me regardless of what I do in the game.

I'm impressed! I like the sense of progress and exploration in this game - quite addictive and fun!

The music and artwork are simple and effective, just great.

I will definitely come back to play some more and see else can be found beneath the ground!