Reviews for "Aground"

Loving this game! I had no idea it would go this far and now I'm absolutely hooked. very well thought out!
Problem! Got to the point where I'm talking to the dragon...made the mistake of attacking instead of talking and now I can only attack him and cannot access the flight/grow/feed function. Any ideas?
Also, how do you begin to grow baby dragons??

davidmaletz responds:

Did you enrage the dragon? If so, you have to defeat it (but defeating it will let you raise a new one). If not, you can defeat it or wait for it to go back to sleep (about 1-2 minutes if you're not aggroing it), then you can summon the alchemist to complete the quest.

Once the dragon is dealt with, you can grow baby dragons in the lair. Just select the familiar slot at the top, select the baby dragon you want to grow, and then select the grow option.

good game

Phenomenal gameplay! This game has all you need for a survival RPG. The gameplay and style is great and I love everything about it. It has great music and great characters. I highly suggest this to people!

I am loving this game, it is much better than what I expected when I was turning it on. The art is simple and nice, gameplay is great but sometimes I do not know how to continue the story.
One question tho: After I turned the dragon to my side and clicked enrage, is there any way to calm him down? or I fucked myself over and there is no way to get back further east

davidmaletz responds:

There is no way to un-enrage the dragon (without loading), but you aren't stuck. If you defeat the dragon, you'll be able to raise another adult dragon you can fly.

The Pixel Art Is AMAZING! The Characters Are Cute And The Game Is Pretty Simple But Really Good!