Reviews for "Aground"

This game is awesome, but how do you get to the end of the game?

Great game! But the music didn't kick for a good 15 min for me and it almost felt kinda laggy, I guess that's the best you can expect for a browser game though.

god i LOVE this game its top notch. i have over 15 hours in on one character. its fucking awsome how you can literaly fly island to island on a dragon or if you have the dragon armor this game just gets better and better with each update.

This game is very well done, it feels great, controls are smooth

My only negative thoughts are 1, I wish we moved slightly faster at base Speed, 2, I wish there was a way to disable AutoEat(sometimes I just want to die), and 3, how the hell do I de-aggro the Adult Dragon? I accidentally hit it with an arrow and now I can't call the Alchemist

davidmaletz responds:

Speed is intentionally slow until you get equipment or full speed potions. Auto eat can be disabled in the gameplay options menu (since 1.3.1a). The adult dragon will de-aggro after about 2 minutes if you're not close to it to re-aggro it, but you can kill the dragon and continue an alternate quest line that way to get your own dragon.

How do I change the camera? It's just that I left it in a bad position.

davidmaletz responds:

Equip a pick axe (any) to change the camera back down.