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Reviews for "Aground"

Was Addicted played for hours

played for 7 hours

I'm speechless... this was probably one of the best and most fun flash games I've played in a while. I'm also surprised that it is completely free with nothing being shoved into our face regarding buying the full game, though this was definitely a premium level game. Feels like playing Minecraft or Terraria in your browser, but with top-notch quality ;^)

From being able to customize your character at the start, creating signs, naming your animals, being able to cook pizzas, omeletts & cakes, having a companion whom you can feed and who'll defend you no matter what, building a railway underground... So many countless and insane possibilities in the game, I've always had fun and it didn't feel too slow/fast, everything was at a nice pace and how things went do depended on you, whether you'd rather mine deeper, take care of your farm or explore the island more :D

I'm very happy and satisfied after playing this game and I hope that atleast one of the game's developers will be able to read a slight portion of my review xD I just want to thank you for creating this entertaining masterpiece and making it for us, Newgrounds users, playable without a hassle ^_^

I love this kind of pixelated game. But this game besides I can not use the keys that the game gives back, that is my computer's problem not of the game, the game is slow (in relaxation the speed of the character, not the leg) and I do not think where to play in the son, and nothing that looks like settings or adjustments, and me did not last for half an hour in the game, I won the stone pick, but when I use it there is no guess and I can not even get one when the screen goes down signaling that I must have equipped because a pick-up figure appears at the bottom of the screen, but clicking on the hope that you can use the pick picks up a list of pickaxes and nothing appears, just none. I wanted to at least use the pick ...

Depth. Not just mining, but the entire game. Theres more to do than you first expect, places to go, people to z. As a free web game it's easily among the best, but with the thought of it being an unfinished game it kinda drops the will to continue on for too long in the game, as I know I'll be starting all over again. Even with the ability to transfer saves, the game might change before its full release. Stats might be rebalanced, story elements altered, new enemies to see that wont matter to a player further ahead in the game, etc.

Regardless, this was a very generous demo. Hope I don't ever have to mine this game up from unfinished hell.