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Reviews for "Aground"

played from 3am to 8am
every now and then i thought about how i should go to sleep
in the end when gettin the boat from the island i regreted nothing about sleep

still, wtf was i suppose to do with the freaking dragon?

davidmaletz responds:

The dragons are useless... for now. We have plans! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Loved it! Played for hours even after beating it. I couldn't get the dragon medal though. I couldn't find the cocoon at all. Art is great. I would recommend throwing a teleport back to base option after reaching a certain point. It became tedious travelling all the way back. I see an option to feed the Wyrms but couldn't figure out what they eat. This was a perfect length game too. Throwing in sequels or prequels would be great to see in the future with more upgrades available. Maybe add in more content involving the creatures you catch. Like raise the pigs to compete in competitions. Tame the wyrms to do a race of some sort. Those are just some examples of the type of stuff I would love to see in the future. My apple orchard medal hasn't arrived yet but it could just be a lag with the medal itself. So if you could please just tell me where I can find that cocoon, that would be great (PM or comment). Keep up the good work.

davidmaletz responds:

A teleport option is planned for later (once you have higher tech), and these are good suggestions - I definitely want to do more with the catch-able creatures.

If the apples achievement shows in the game achievements list (in the options menu or quests window), then it will attempt to sync it with your newgrounds medals every time you reload the page, so try reloading.

As for what wyrms eat... it's steaks. I definitely need to make this clear in game (whether it's a UI thing or something an NPC says), as you aren't the only one having trouble figuring it out.

The game was great and it i actually beat it, i literally have 2 hours playing it but i have one gripe which is that there are a shortage of Wrym, I Only found one, i killed it and i never found any more throughout that 2 hour play session so i couldn't get the last 3 achievements, id love it if that was fixed and besides that the game was perfect!

davidmaletz responds:

The game starts with 2 wyrms spawned, and more will spawn over time once you kill or capture both of them. It's possible the second one is just hidden somewhere (they can get stuck in small-ish areas as they can't tunnel through ores). I might increase the spawn amount so that if one is hidden, you can still keep finding wyrms.

I like this game, to me it seems like a mix of Stardew Valley and Terraria. two of my favorite games. Although I wish there was a little more to do, this game is still good. 4 1/2 Stars!

I got pretty far then died and it was game over. Didn't like that.

davidmaletz responds:

After dying, you can always load from the last time you saved. It saves the game every time you visit the hut, which is pretty common as it also restores your stamina. So, if you're visiting your hut often, you shouldn't lose much progress.