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Reviews for "Aground"

I wasn't expecting this to be my type of game, but I really got hooked on it very quickly. Highly enjoyable. Unfortunately, the Setting Sail medal never unlocked for me after building the boat, even after reloading the page and the game. Also, where do I find cocoons?

davidmaletz responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! The setting sail medal is unlocked on your profile, maybe it just took some time for Newgrounds to add it?

Cocoons are created in the Wyrm Pen - you'll need to complete the Alchemist's second quest to get it.

Loved it. It's like motherload but with trade and story.

really REALLY good game! I played for two hours straight and finished it, but it has way more then what I experienced.
really good and addicting! cant wait for a update!

Quite addicting while it lasted, there really was not much use for the bow and arrow since you could deal with the enemies without it costing you resources to do so, the same could be said about the trap too, but it is in a way worse since it costs you iron ore to build it and is single use too.

In general the combat is quite simple and mostly focused on melee (since other options are not as good) perhaps if arrows and trap were reusable and/or did something else beside damage (maybe the trap could immobilize and damage an enemy so you could safely fire arrows at it) there would be more options. The game also suffers a little bit in that the enemies do not pose a real treat, but I assume that since this is the first island there should not be much.

On the story: Simple too, but this time in a good way, there are elements that made you wonder what has happened to these people and want to know more, curiously no one has a given name, is there a reason for that?

I liked that your companions helped in gathering resources, made it seem like you are not fighting for survival.

The crafting system I also liked, but I do not know much about that (never played minecraft) but I do like that the best material to build tools and weapons is steel which is somewhat rare even in the few crafting/survival games I have played that have gold or diamond above steel. Made it seem more realistic.

My last comment is that, despite reloading, I have yet to obtain any medals, which is quite sad since I even bothered to (spoiler ahead) get the baby dragons (I look forward to what I can do with these).

Thanks for making this game and I wish you good luck and may God bless you.

Pretty cool game. I enjoyed the Minecraft-esque aspect of the game with the mining and crafting and the whole management of health and stamina. Since you said you're taking suggestions, I'd suggest maybe expanding on some of the elements on the island (flying those baby dragons once they're full grown maybe?), and maybe fleshing out the story for the people you meet. It would be pretty cool to maybe have some different ores to mine and enemies to fight too.

One thing that kind of bothers me: I was able to get all of the achievements in the game, but less than half of those achievements registered for the Newgrounds medals. Being the completionist that I am, that's a slight annoyance. Overall, though, this game is fun and I look forward to seeing what comes next!

davidmaletz responds:

We are definitely planning on adding more items/enemies and fleshing out the story after you sail to the next island. And we have a lot of plans for the dragons (having them fight for you, flying on them, using them to power steam generators).

For the medals, it'll attempt to re-submit them every time you reload the page. So, reload and see if the other half of the achievements register.