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Reviews for "Aground"

Other than a minor issue with medals not posting in 1.0.3 (can be prevented by loading a saved game after about 3 medals have been earned.. at least that was my issue on the latest FF64bit, likely a problem w/ my browser's html), the game is bug free, very intuitive (can be done exclusively from KB) menu system, very addictive. It's a well paced game, nothing too hard or too easy. All signs point to a successful journey to a new island!

I loved the game, it's an awesome start. I hope it remains free and available on this site. I am still struggling. I've read the reddit threads and review replies on the baby dragon, but I still can't feed it. It's out of its cocoon and has the option to be fed, but won't take my steak or raw meat like you say it does. I tried reloading in case it was a bug, I've tried dropping the food, I've tried feeding it in my inventory, and even tried dropping the dragon and had to reload a save. I just don't understand, since you said it doesn't grow past this age.

davidmaletz responds:

I disabled feeding the baby dragon, as it doesn't grow beyond a baby (yet) and I haven't added any of the planned content for dragons. Some people were feeding the dragon infinite food and were upset when it wasn't growing, so for now it's just disabled.

Good way to spend 2 hours

I really like this unique game love the art style, but it says i can get a dragon in the achievements and i cant find the egg, i even did all the quests.

davidmaletz responds:

Have you done the Wyrm Pen quest (given by the alchemist after you can buy or craft nets)? If so, try feeding the wyrms.

this game sucks