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Reviews for "Aground"

Gameplay is nice but unoriginal, a lot like a basic Terraria or Minecraft. Graphics are decent.

When I was messing around, learning the game, I dropped my workbench, it disappeared and I could not find a way to get a new one. So I restarted the game. I think there should be some way to recover from this.

davidmaletz responds:

You can craft a new workbench once you get the workshop (a structure the Miner will give you a quest for and is complete-able without the workbench), so it's not actually game over to drop it, but it is annoying. I'm adding a confirmation dialogue if people really want to drop and permanently lose the workbench for the next update, as you're not the first person to try to place the workbench by dropping it!

I loved it. I can't wait for the next island. The only reason I stopped playing is I maxed out my cash and mined literally every block. One suggestion would be a way to access the options menu in game. Of course I would like to see more upgrades. It would have been cool to be able to make titanium or even diamond tools, etc.

davidmaletz responds:

You can access the options menu in game by hitting escape. And we definitely have more upgrades and a second island planned (titanium and quartz = silicon will be used for higher tech equipment).

I LOVED this game and I can't wait for more! Keep up the good work! ;)

This is a decent little Terraria clone and a fun way to spend a couple hours. I think the menus could be cleaned up a little bit and there are several items in the game that seem to do absolutely nothing like quartz or the endurance potion.

A Day/Night cycle, more types of ore, more enemies, and different kinds of music could make this a lot more worthwhile.

davidmaletz responds:

Items like quartz will be usable on the second island (turned into silicon). Endurance potions actually do have a use - they permanently lower the stamina cost for movement, but it is pretty subtle.

We are already planning a day/night cycle, more items, enemies, and music in future updates!

Wow, I started this game hours ago, and just now decided to stop :D. At times this game dragged on because of farming, but otherwise, it was super fun! Kind of wish that there were other effects to refusing the first guy and the trader, but I do suppose there were consequences. I got all the badges (yes guys, you just have to refresh a few times), and got my little babies! When I started trying to dig up all the ore, after buying at least 2 of everything, is when I decided to stop haha. Can't wait for the second island!