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Reviews for "Aground"

very addictive game and very fun to play. more content would be awesome for the next game and inventory upgrades (armor slots maybe skill tree etc.)

what do you do if you dropped the workbench

davidmaletz responds:

Get the smelter and workshop from the miner - you'll be able to craft (including a new workbench if you want) when you get the workshop. This is not game breaking, but means you'll have to wait a bit for some of the earlier crafting recipes. I'm making it clearer in the next update that dropping it is a bad idea.

Extremely fun, addicting, and playable.

I always liked the mining system of the old game Utopia Plantatia, and wondered if it could be incorporated into a larger building game. You did that here and it's great.

My only suggestions:

1. Restoring HP is difficult. Why can't you do that in your hut, along with stamina?
2. The automatic equipping is very annoying - updated tools get placed in the storehouse automatically, and you can never get rid of the damn stone tools. Having an equipping system would be an improvement.
3. The space in the village is easily crowded so the game gets too "busy" - as in, are you trying to talk to someone, smelt something, or attack a rat?
4. The extra workers are good at basic materials, like wood and berries, but to get things like ore and gold, you have to completely concentrate on that type of work. A better mix or work assignments might help.

I stopped programming my own games this year, but this is the type of community project I'd contribute to!

Other than a minor issue with medals not posting in 1.0.3 (can be prevented by loading a saved game after about 3 medals have been earned.. at least that was my issue on the latest FF64bit, likely a problem w/ my browser's html), the game is bug free, very intuitive (can be done exclusively from KB) menu system, very addictive. It's a well paced game, nothing too hard or too easy. All signs point to a successful journey to a new island!

I loved the game, it's an awesome start. I hope it remains free and available on this site. I am still struggling. I've read the reddit threads and review replies on the baby dragon, but I still can't feed it. It's out of its cocoon and has the option to be fed, but won't take my steak or raw meat like you say it does. I tried reloading in case it was a bug, I've tried dropping the food, I've tried feeding it in my inventory, and even tried dropping the dragon and had to reload a save. I just don't understand, since you said it doesn't grow past this age.

davidmaletz responds:

I disabled feeding the baby dragon, as it doesn't grow beyond a baby (yet) and I haven't added any of the planned content for dragons. Some people were feeding the dragon infinite food and were upset when it wasn't growing, so for now it's just disabled.