Reviews for "Aground"

Cant wait til its out of BETA, this is a great game seriously, I personally LOVE these games and New grounds needs more games like this. Maybe you should add like the choice to make randomly generated worlds and more bioms. Definetely more bioms. More weapons too I don't think there are that many weapons to use either.

davidmaletz responds:

Will do! We're hoping to release the full version of the game by the end of next year... we have a lot we want to add, but in the meantime we've been adding more content to the early access version of the game which you can see here: http://fancyfishgames.com/Aground/ !

skillpoints broken tho... that is the only thing that needs to be fixed but is IS good game after all! and then 2 seconds after i whrote this i found out it is not... xD
aaand... u cant respawn even ones... well that is a bad thing to so... 2,5 stars for this game! :(

Amazing game. Very varied & detailed which kept it exciting for a long, long time


Very fun game. I don't know what else to say right now so, yeah. :3