Reviews for "What's a Future Funk?"

Cubo love the Future Funk <3

Quite nice if I do say so myself.

Una de las mejores canciones de Newgrounds. Sin duda, la creatividad de la canción nunca se acaba, y eso es importante en una canción :D
Mereces todo el respecto.
5 star :3

This is absolutely spot on! The music was nice, the beat was on point, and the samples you used added more to it!

BTW, is it saying "Cancer" or "Dancer" at 3:18? Just wondering.

LemKuuja responds:


Such a great beat, at the exact speed I like it. I am kind of happy that this got featured in a GD demon level because it now has almost 15,000 listens and 3,000 downloads. It's not that you wouldn't get a lot of views if it hadn't been in one, but it's just SO GOOD, and I really think it deserves this much attention, probably even more.
Could you tell me the lyrics (The ones that are in Japanese)? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
If it was possible, I would have rated this 6 out of 5. But you know, Newgrounds ain't like that.