Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Hitler"

hehehe....Mr. T

Cool, you even had Murdock there. Lots of cameos by different stars. Interesting story. Keep up the good work. Oh by the way, you don't know who Gargamel is? Didn't you ever watch the SMURFS? Gargamel was that evil wizard who always wanted to find the smurf village so he could capture them.

MrTpug responds:

OOOOOH GARgamel....I thought they were talking about some anime guy...That's a pretty good Ideer...but I think I'm doing Mr. T Vs Megatron next...Thanks for the Points!

Great movie but...

Hitler was a VEGETARIAN! I've taken too many WWII classes to know this was a common fact. Other than that, good job on the movie! I really liked your Osama vs. Mr T. one!

Peace out,


Nice try

Why i have for a 7 well how did hitler know about mr.t when hes in the past and mr.t is in the futre not well thought out but i still liked it

MrTpug responds:

dude, that's half the absurdaty (absurdaty is that even a word?!111?). I'm suprised you questioned that, yet a milk powered time traveling GMC van is perfectly acceptable...oh well to each their own I guess

it was crap

it was shit

Really funny,but not so good animation

i dont wanna talk about it. BOYAKASH!!!