Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Hitler"

Great Mr. T movie

One of the best Mr. T movies on newgrounds...just the graphics are so bad...

haha, lmao adolf

haha mr t vs hitler
i liked the way how you made hitler move.
and good that you make bush, how he realy is. (he's a complete retared ugly dumbass) i hate bush.

mr t is funny

funny as hell

lol, I liked when hitlers lackey says "But how will you get Mr.T? he's from the future" and the "Love, Hitler" on the aphidavid from Hitler to GWB. And when GWB asks fonzie where denver is and fonzie just does his fonz thing. Amongst other things, but I wont give away the whole movie. seriously funny movie.

That was helluva funny!

LMAO! President Bush is a monkey. But what were you thinking when you put Bill and Ted there? Weird, but funny =)

Super Brill

Truly brill and lots of funny. Who knew that Hitler was defeated by Mr T...still thought...Bill and Yed...lol