Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Hitler"

Yet another nice flash by Mr.TPug

Yet, I feel like Mr. TPug needs to make more animation in his flashes and not have regular graphic pictures without legs moving around.

Oh well. Goes to show that you shouldn't time travel or you'll create a time paradox in the future


This is one of your best Mr.T flashes,the storyline was funny,it was a good length of time,and the ending was funny as hell,excellent job and go Mr.T =D

Great animation!

Please make more Mr. T flashes! We all like them! Anyways, i like the idea about DAS SUP3R L453R C4NN0N!

Nice try

Why i have for a 7 well how did hitler know about mr.t when hes in the past and mr.t is in the futre not well thought out but i still liked it

MrTpug responds:

dude, that's half the absurdaty (absurdaty is that even a word?!111?). I'm suprised you questioned that, yet a milk powered time traveling GMC van is perfectly acceptable...oh well to each their own I guess

Super Brill

Truly brill and lots of funny. Who knew that Hitler was defeated by Mr T...still thought...Bill and Yed...lol