Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Hitler"


Mr. T is awesome alone, but with the Fonz, Pres. Bush, and Bill and Ted, now that is good casting. Plus, the jokes were hilarious.

Don't mess with MR.T's Gold FOO!

If It wasn't for MR.T, id give this an even 8.

Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Das ist hilliarous!

Mann, das is good. Never laugh so viel seit a long time. I like Mr. T. and I mag stories where Arschlöcher are fucked-up!. Please make a part zwei like Hitler doesn't will in hell sein und he goes to Mutter Erde again.


Wann kommt your next flash of Mr. T?
Wenn really spät, then Scheiße!!!

This flash rockt!!!


One question: When Hitler came in there was always that old war music. Where did you get that? Anyway this was awsome! I love your Mr.T VS series! When the guard said "I hate milk." I knew what was coming next. LMAO!


I love the entire "Mr. T vs." series, and this one is still my favourite, I couldn't stop laughing the entire time. Keep up the good work!