Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Hitler"

Es ist.......gut.....aber

hey man i don't think MR.T can defeat the SS.......
and it should be great if Hitler conquered the world......hahaha

Der Gasp!

Aghhh, I love this series. This is some great stuff. No body disses on milk! Lol, gotta love it. Great use of pictures and sounds. I love the way you portray Murdock. And that van driving fast enough to rip a hole in time! That's genius, I love it. Excellent job, keep up the series, it's great.

Just the Idea Of A Fighting Match Between...

...The Fuhrer of the Nazi Reich and everyone's favorite weighted-down-with-gold 1-800-COLLECT spokesman is hilarious! Kind of a black-verus-white, fight-for-your-rights kind of thing. Good job, Comrade!


I love Mr. T, Murdock, The Fonz our monkey president and gold chains and I hate Hitler. This is what I have been looking for. Keep them coming 5's all the way

nicely done

pretty damn funny... you got the fonz, bill n ted, mr.t, murdock, hitler, everyone..... one of the funnier pieces on newgrounds anyways