Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Hitler"


This was the first movie that has actually made me laugh out loud in a while. I really loved it. The whole Bill and Ted saying "Bogus". Pure Genius. You're a great artist. Don't listen to teh assholes who critize you for using imported graphics. This movie obviously TOOK A LONG time to work on.

It was ok I guess

My only compiant was the shots of Mr.T...oh well..


That was awsome!!! Great movie, wonderful storyline.


what the fuck is wrong wit this world i swear to god that the person before me was proablly a fucking kid and doesnt even know who hitlar was OMG i swear that was fucking funny and that bastard gave it a 0 come on u dumb fuck if u cant find humor in mr t beating up hitlar then what will u find it in ohhh let me guess u watch fucking anime dont u dont u well neway that was great

wat is wit the last fag that reviewed this????

anyway that waz gr8.to bad
hes dead and cant c us killin him over and over again. he deserves everything he gets even tho im not jewish.gr8 job