Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Hitler"

that was actually a really good movie

i thought it would be stupid but it was hillarious..

Simply put THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!

The all time greatest Mr.T movie I have ever seen. It was even better then Mr.T vs Gargamel which was excellent! Keep'em coming.


That was funny, especially at the end when Hitler ends up in Stalin's territory and then that textbook thing at the end.

Mr. T rules all

Well, ive seen um all and i think that this is the best of the Mr. T vs. X series. The only things that come close are the remix at the end of vs. Gargamel and vs. Unicron. Shame thatd be one huge file.

woo hoo mr. t

this is ingenious. mr t and fonzie in the same movie, and bill and ted! wow! i'm impressed. all of your movies are awesome, keep up the good work.