Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Hitler"

Truely, an epic flash

Lets face the facts, the animation in this, it sucks. But that just adds to the humor of this movie. And this movie has tons of it! This is probally one of the best things on newgrounds right now. I laughed my ASS off. I havent laughed that hard at a flash movie in, well, ever. This is going on my favorite submissions! Oh yea, Mr. T kicks ass! Bill and Ted kick ass!

Oh, and what was that song at the end of the video. That was sweeeeeet!

Thank you!


Best Mr.T vs. movie I've ever seen, something for everyone. I love how you had the soviet national anthem at the end, hehehe. Endings like that are usually only seen in professional films, bravo.


I pity the foo hitler try to take over the world!

The history is not right. But it's HELLUVA good, SUCKA!!

I Pity The Foo Who Don't Watch This Flash

You Cut It Out From Paper? Well... It Still Kicked Ass


This was the best Mr. T Vs. Hitler I've ever seen.