Reviews for "Mr. T Vs Hitler"

spunky go choke on a bad value hot dog

that was gr8 keep up the good work

It was good, but not perfect.

Are you aware Britain is also part of Europe? And was Mr T in disguise the queen with his head stuck on top? And when Mr T said he cant hurt kids and then Murdock said, "no, but I can", it way too predictable. Apart from that, it was very good. Also the choice to pause helped to read certain things,unlike some Mr T parodies where the writing goes way too fast. I did like it, but it had too many flaws. Despite that, I gave it a good overall, aswell as good on everything else.

A classic favorite

I saw this a long while back but didnt have an account, but now i do. Anyway its funny, and you did a good job. If it werent for the fact its so hilarious youd be getting bout a 3, but the funniness (is that a word?) brings it up to a 4.

Great Job!

That was hilarious! Hitler in Mr. T's gold chains... Pure genious! I would give you a pat on the back if I could.

Very Funny

I liked the end where Bill and Ted had their own country, ha ha.