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Reviews for "Wondrous Lands"

Seems like a fun way to kill some weekend free time. Gotta give it some more time but it's fun to play after first couple of minutes. Well done

DLord2 responds:

Thank you! Hope your experience will be pleasant. =)

Nice game, apparently a lot of depth to it.

My first observation is this is not a roguelike. Look up roguelikes, they're very different. In a roguelike you don't have a separate mode for combat. Everything in a roguelike, combat and motion, happens on the same turn-based grid. You don't have a party in a roguelike, it's just one guy. The only thing that makes this game at all similar to a roguelike is the permadeath (after your lives run out).

Other comment is that it would be nice if enemies of a given difficulty level were grouped together in an area, instead of mixed in with more difficult enemies. It's really annoying to have to wander all over the map doing just a little bit of each area at a time!

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for you feedback! Glad you're enjoing the game!

We're aware of originals of the genre, like NetHack, ADOM, Dungeon Crawl, etc (and one of us enjoyed these games a lot).
And to be fair this game isn't purely "roguelike". The preferable term here will be Roguelite. That means mixing roguelike elements (permadeath, randomness, replayability, more content than you can see in one play) with elements of the other genres (for example shooter or platformer). Our game is just one of those.

Regarding your suggestion, currently the skill game demands is picking your fights properly. So we tried to provide you a variety of enemies, no matter what level you are or what is your team composition. Also we wanted to give player a little bit more freedom in picking which part of the world he wants to explore currently.
We'll think how to make it less frustrating though.

DonĀ“t even feel the need to analyse the game, I just need to say i spent the whole night playing this

DLord2 responds:

Thank you! It's great for us that you enjoyed the game.

This is a very well-made game. The interface is straightforward, and the gameplay is fun. My two complaints: first, a fast-forward button for battles would be nice. Since we can't do much, it would good to speed things up. Second, some way of controlling the PC strategy would be nice. I don't mean direct control, but just general tactics: this rogue focuses on melee attacks, this wizard hangs back and focuses primarily on buffs, this fighter tanks the enemy. I tried multiclassing, and I ruined their ability to fight properly. I don't mind the wasted points, but I wish I could keep them from just casting the same useless spell over and over and have them actually fight the enemy.

DLord2 responds:

Interesting point! During the game creating we had not only "run away" comand button in battle, but also "defence position" button and "take a rest"(battle map was larger: 2-3 screens with scrolling). But after game testing we decided to focus on battle preparation like wisely choosing abilities, equipment and enemies.

When i click right the game crash!!!!!11!!!11!!

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for your feedback! Click Right on a global Map? Mouse Right click?