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Reviews for "Wondrous Lands"

Tis is the master piece of rpg.

DLord2 responds:

Thank you! it's so great to see that there are people who like our game^_^

Okay, it got addictive very fast, i also suggest more randomness in the map, and/or at least, make the characters move faster, it is taking a lot of time from one battle to another in a point that i decided that exploring the map to make a strategy before battling wasn't worth it as i would get a little bored in the middle

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for you feedback!

Incredible game! Well done!
I have been addictivly been playing on hardcore mode for the last few days and its been a ton of fun. some suggestions;

1. Ninjas seem a little too powerful for what level they are, especially the level 4's. Invisibility, backflip, substitution are horrible combinations to fight without being much stronger than them. I think its the substitution, It may have a little too much health and draws aggro for too long.

2. Sometimes characters get stuck, Im not exactly sure why, sometimes it a terrain thing sometimes its trying to walk around someone thats invisible but this often results in a huge swings in the battle. I once defeated 4-5 enemies all because they could target the character they wanted to or failed battles because only 2 people where attacking. it does not happen often but it has killed a run once or twice.

3. I would really like it if the shield related abilities had a provoke. While my tank does generally take most of the aggro sometimes enemies full on charge past or walk past him going straight for my mage. I understand some enemies have a priority to do that but it makes it very difficult to counter it unless you have specific abilities to do so.

4. Im with previous comments with letting the player pick the class and have randomizer/re-roll for the stats. I found myself just refresh the character select screen until I get the classes with vaguely the skills I want.

5. I feel like the loot is just a little too randomized and the fact that you have abilities specific to some weapons not others, while enemies types are weak to some weapon types and not others forces the player to try and decide what will make the bigger difference. Then there is the different levels of damage ontop of that. now I LOVE this depth and decision making but I think it could be a little more polished. maybe giving the player the ability to change any piece of equipments element for a fee? maybe a one time use thing? or enchant scroll that drop?

overall I feel like these are just little nitpicks....excellent job overall.

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for you feedback!

Yes, AI decides to get around ally or to wait and rarely it makes wrong decision.

I agree that loot is very randomized, but I think it is compromise between complexity and depth(having enchant scrolls ect). Also there are shops on the map. They won’t completely mitigate the issue, but should help a little.

great game but hard so if you up for the challenge play this game but i spent hours on this game and it has this right feel.

DLord2 responds:

Thank you!

I can't add anything. Liked the game, can't wait for the next one, ect ect.

But have you constantly played the game and are running out of ways to play?

Introducing: Challenge runs for the Brave, the Bold, and the Stupid
(or basically just ways to play if you didn't think of any new ones)

Atheist run
There isn't a god out there, and don't you believe anyone who says otherwise! In the atheist run, you lose one of the main senses of progression: the god's blessings. Fighting vorag at the end with an ent, a valkyrie, a blessing from each god and a rank 3 worship in your chosen god, but why not spice things up a bit? Doing this, you can't use any of the following:
Devotion: Obviously, you aren't gonna serve any gods.
Preist: A bit shakier, but priest is in the name. I don't think you can be an atheist and a priest at the same time.
Blessings: Not like the status, like going to an altar and paying money. Big no-no, no help from gods
Holy weapons: A bit more iffy, but if Nit dosen't like it then it's probably got something to do with the gods in general.
Characters: Try to cut down on magic as much as possible, and limit yourself in religious affairs (like say tearing down a temple in the desert or tiaga) Willpower should be low on your characters as well.

Man, what a pretty game. The devs put a lot of effort into making the map, the characters, ect. Would be a shame if someone... closed their eyes. You're allowed to open your eyes during the character selection. After that, you're on your own in the world, left only to remember by the buttons. Note: is better played with a friend, in case you walk into an enemy where a conversation starts. You can do it without, but you'll probably get softlocked or just click. A lot.

Simple, just close those eyes and keep them closed. You're allowed to only open your eyes in the following situations:
At stores
In the character customization screen
In the inventory screen
Or, more simply, get some paper and tape it over the little square that shows where your party is. A bit less fun, and relies on memory, but certianly a challenge.

Here's when they get a bit harder and change things up. A lot.
Who needs clothes? You have sheilds and weapons, what more could a guy want? In this run, you don't simply put on a shirt or armor or boots if you find them. And helmets mess up your hair. No, you wear nothing at all. Although not nessesary, I'd reccomend toughness.

Again, nothing complex here, just no helmets armor or leggings.

Clones?!: If you have hacks, make each character have the same race, default equipment, stats and starting skill. If not just pick people with similar skills (like all archer, all fire mage, ect.) All characters must be exact copies of eachother.
Lets say you have three archers. Archer A and Archer B have quick shot. Archer C has sniper. Now, archer A and B can't get sniper nor can C get quick shot. Why? Well, all characters need the same skills at the same time. Although they can't have the same weapons, all characters must use the same weapon and armor groups (heavy armor, one handed axes, ect) They must be literal exact copies of eachother, with limitations if legitimate.

Did you like beating the game? No? Great, these challenges are for you.

All of this fighting and bloodshed is so sad. Can't we just get along? This is borderline bold-stupid. You can use any weapons, armor, or skill you want, and you can even look at your screen. But you can't fight.

Rules: You must avoid every fight you can. You can do quests, so long as they don't involve hurting people, and you can fight someone if they block a pathway. Otherwise, no fighting. Be REALLY careful with your skillpoints, you won't have much, and save every single penny. Your armor and blessings will save you.

The dumb:
I don't get swinging swords. In the dumb, you aren't allowed to invest ANY; yes, ANY, skillpoints or perk points.
Nothing other then what is stated.