Reviews for "Wondrous Lands"

Wow! This was incredible! I've got no words...
I usually try to write reviews as early as possible, roughly at the time when the developers post their fresh games, but for this one I waited a bit longer to pass it on Harcore on the first run. That took a while, but I managed to do it with the good ol' save and quit technique... :D :D

Really liking this game, it's just... "perfect", I guess. It somehow reminds me of Final Fantasy with its combat system. And then, on the other hand, a little bit of some RPG's like Skyrin or something, with the different zones and such.
Surprisingly enough, I'm organizing a game project which is very similar to this, it's also like an Action-RPG with such cool and different zones and enemies. I'll definitely take this game as a small inspiration for our game ;)

There's like hundreds of other things I could also mention, but I don't think it's necessary, I hope you're proud of the game since it got lots of positive reviews and all of them are really honest ^_^
One thing you could maybe improve would be making the moving on the map a bit smoother and quicker, since it lags a tiny bit for me, but that's just a small complain.

Either way, this was awesome to play! I'm going to hunt ALL of those achievements down, they're mine, muahahahah!!
I hope you'll continue uploading awesome games like this one, this is truly a masterpiece and pretty much something I've been waiting a long time to play. We definitely want to have more games of this type ;D


DLord2 responds:

Thank you for your feedback!
Glad you have enjoyed the game that much, check out other deities' abilities, there are some really good ones!

Don´t even feel the need to analyse the game, I just need to say i spent the whole night playing this

DLord2 responds:

Thank you! It's great for us that you enjoyed the game.

Love it. Very simple to understand, but hard to beat. I love the customization of the characters and gear which allows you to hedge your chances against enemies.

DLord2 responds:

Thank you!

The world movement is very slow. But that's my only complaint about this game.

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for your feedback! Yes, it's true. This is why all 5 areas are connected with portals. They won’t completely mitigate the issue, but should help a little.

I'm really liking the game. There seems to be some difficulty bumps, but then I've just dived into hardcore.

I'm sold on the graphics, the icons are simple and readable.

You lose out on the GUI for character sheets though. I think as a rule of thumb, if changing something on one sheet would change things on another sheet, then those sheets should be view-able together. It's more important to be able to see the individual character stats and spellpower when changing equipment, then being able to change the equipment of all the characters on the same sheet.

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for your feedback. Very interesting point.