Reviews for "Wondrous Lands"

Loving the game. Some points in specific I'd like, then I'll suggest some ideas for a sequel.

Point one: I love the combat system. Seeing your characters run around and fight is, while tiring, amazing to see what they can do. I've played this game for a long time and... not beaten it, I've made so many parties that I just love playing over. And over. And over. I'll maybe make a paladin to heal and attack and try new and inventive things (Favorite party members from all around the board would be an orc who has stealth and a doubleaxe who dominates the enemy by attacking them while hid, a southerner archer who dodges attacks and hides to basically be immune to all damage and an elf who started out as a rouge and turned into a preist using holy and chaos magic. But I don't reccomend using the elf. More on that later.)

Point 2: I. Am. LOVING the enviornment! The events, how it's built, everything! Only got one quarrel with it but that's not for here. Exploring this world is so fun and I just gotta say I am enjoying the hell out of it. Progressing the story is nice but hey, who needs that when you can mess around with townspeople and make a lil story of your own!

Point 3: Equipment is nice. I enjoy the different types of weaknesses you can use to exploit an enemy though usually I just check if they're risky to fight or not and not the actual weaknesses.

Few minor things: I love the customization, the religions and the quests. but I can't make a para about them. Sue me.

Now the complaints. But I'd like to phrase them more as ideas of improvement.

Point 1: I'd... like to see more variety. What this is is amazing. You can get a kingdom that's taken over by wizards ninjas or not taken over, you can get southerners and orcs, I've mostly only seen a bit so... maybe there's more? But something I'm not fond of is how... cookie cutter it seems. The kingdom will always be in the same place. The enviornments will always be in the same place. The quests will follow a guideline. Quests can stay but maybe make the enviornents come in different places and the kingdom in different places, different things happening for each place? Like if the kingdom's in that necromancy place it can just be normal overtaken by the undead or at war with necromancers, so on so on. And maybe the spawn point is the only "locked" area. I don't know, just an idea. Nothing major.

Point 2: Would like to be able to give the characters some direction. My elf mage did not prioritize hiding and he had no people on his team at the moment (just a human who I was giving a defense set and another human with an offense set) that could help him even remotely with defense. Meaning he just died. I'd like a little button that gives "favorite" skills they use alot, like healing, or maybe they'd heal if they couldn't attack or something.

Point 3: Cmon. orcs are the only monster class? CMON.

Oh and also the artstyle thing could be worked on but im p okay with it.

Overall consensus?

Make a sequel. If you added those things this would be a game I'd be willing to buy. With actual money. but like it might make the flash audience mad so don't do that maybe i dont know you guys do you

Thanks for reading this. Or for just scrolling to the end.

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for you feedback!

I agree that game would be better with full random map generation(for instance, you do not know where is castle and if it exists at all ect). Current map generation is compromise between our capabilities and perfection.

It is very interesting point about elf mage. I checked and hide has very high priority, but it activates only when hero sees enemies + there is some random to skip hide. Also to use stealth hero shouldn't have hard equipment or shield. I will check the composition, probably it is a bug.
Update: I fixed the issue with hide and published the update

This is a very well-made game. The interface is straightforward, and the gameplay is fun. My two complaints: first, a fast-forward button for battles would be nice. Since we can't do much, it would good to speed things up. Second, some way of controlling the PC strategy would be nice. I don't mean direct control, but just general tactics: this rogue focuses on melee attacks, this wizard hangs back and focuses primarily on buffs, this fighter tanks the enemy. I tried multiclassing, and I ruined their ability to fight properly. I don't mind the wasted points, but I wish I could keep them from just casting the same useless spell over and over and have them actually fight the enemy.

DLord2 responds:

Interesting point! During the game creating we had not only "run away" comand button in battle, but also "defence position" button and "take a rest"(battle map was larger: 2-3 screens with scrolling). But after game testing we decided to focus on battle preparation like wisely choosing abilities, equipment and enemies.

This is...very cool and well made. I like how its rougelike and adding the hearts and run away system is a pretty good change of pace from most Rougelikes. But 1 thing I would like to see in the game. GIANTS. Basically meaning heros that are gigantic compared to other ones but they walk slower and attack slower BUT in turn. They do a lot of damage have a lot of health and they can't fall of flinch when charging an attack.

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for your feedback.
That's a pretty neat idea, but really hard to implement. Game should be designed your with this possibily in mind, and our game wasn't.
Though if you pick up Rage or Berserker ability, your hero will ignore pain from the enemy attacks ;-)

if we are using the mouse, it really doesnt make much sense to have us also use arrow keys instead of WASD. is there some alternate type of keyboard where it is not uncomfortable to hold your arms like this? i know it is nice for lefties but as far as i understand most ppl still keep the mouse on the right regardless of their dominant hand? idek
anyways seems like a fun game. we dont see enough decent RPGs on here and they're probably my favorite type here. this seems in depth but easy to get the hang of.

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for your feedback! We added arrows to be able to play without keyboard:). Also It's interesting point about the mouse position.

If you have 2 mages in your party with maxed out magic skill and 2 magic amplifiers, it completely breaks the game by reducing cooldown of your global spells from 20 seconds to just 1. Is it intended to be this way or is it some kind of bug ?
Excellent game, btw

DLord2 responds:

Oops! No, it's not intended, it supposed to be 30%, 60% and 80% cooldown reduction, depending on how many heroes have the talent at the moment.
Thank you for reporting the bug, we'll fix it ASAP!
Update: I published an update with the fix.