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Reviews for "Wondrous Lands"

in dnd me and my buddy play as
- Ork barbarian
- Human mage
- Elf rogue
I want to simulate my existing team in this game but is hard to find the perfect match with the randomizer button. Hope i can custom pick what my team looks like

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for your feedback! Yes, interesting point. At least it easier with randomizer button:D, that we added yesterday.

I first tried this game without a priest, and died pretty early, but as soon as I added a super healer to my team I felt unstoppable, go cleric go!

Great game.

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for your feedback!

It's a good game and is addicting but it really does have flaws. For one, the game feels so rng based in that... I always go through my quests and inevitably reach a point where I straight up don't have the gear needed to kill a given foe. like i'm at level 9, killed the vast majority of foes I can kill either by myself or with a mercenary, and have combed the stores but holy weapons with holy damage in the double digits seem to not exist and dark medium armor for my ranger with double digit dark resistance also seems to no exist without single digit physical armor. secondly, what in the blue monkey hell does each god actually do? Like... I pass by a shrine and see an option to devote to them, but have absolutely no idea what bonuses each gives me or what rules I must follow since apparently you would be penalized for not doing so according to the game info. Shame it seems nowhere in the game do I get ANY information on any of the gods whether talking to npcs or whatever. when I picked a random god I get another quests with absolutely no understanding how to check it which is another thing. I usually don't know how to actually check quest progress. On top of it all, the monsters just feel a lot stronger than they should even on normal sometimes. The monsters appear to be balanced around me using gear that's strong against them but given the first issue mentioned... I simply can't do that. I tried replaying a few times but the same issue always eventually comes up, albeit usually at different points of the game. Finally why on earth did you make it so we can't see the full skill trees on each character before getting the points (but of course we need whatever requisites to unlock them) so I could actually attempt to plan out builds better? I mean I rolled a guy with chaos magic. I expected insane damage eventually but this did not happen. law magic I had no idea what it'd do either until trying it and spending points I can't get back to find out... It's the same for all trees magic or otherwise though. Let us see the perks so we can actually try to create a build intelligently. Oh and what I DID discover though is that many perks seem to be designed for specific weapon types for melee (for example certain perks work only for axes/maces) which only exacerbates the issue of never having the right weapons you need and with limited weapon spawns in the world that are randomized and often either are useless or just not what you need at the moment, it makes it harder. Now all that ranting aside, the game IS simple fun and is addicting. I would've liked more control on what the guys do, but still it was simple and fun. Do make the party run faster in the overworld though please, that'd be nice, and make it so curses eventually wear off. On one run I straight up had a curse forever because blessings seemed to not exist, donating to gods doesn't overwrite it as apparently their blessings don't count, and no npc spawned to remove the curse so the vast majority of the game i was cursed until my inevitable rng induced death from rolling a particularly crappy curse at a bad time. The graphics are simple but not atrocious I suppose and the music isn't so bad. But if I'm missing something here, please do tell me. Also one last thing, is there a timer to beat the game? Because occasionally i got a pop up about the one demon guy trying to break out of his prison though nothing happened yet.

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for the feedback!
Regarding weapons and shops: we had the basic idea of old roguelike games like Crawl or Nethack. You get some items and enemies depening on RNG and you have to work with thigs you get. Sometimes it means not fighting particular enemies at all. When we were balancing the game, we didn't make it so you can consistantly kill everything on the map. It may be possible, but it's not required. You only have to be strong enough to kill Vorag.
I agree that in this game you have less information that you wanted and some of that was by design initially (so you have to check out different gods to see what they have to offer and the same with abilties). This decision has it's upsides and downsides obviously. We also may put better descriptions for magic skill categories to be more clear what you can find inside.
Regaring your questinos: yes, we're going to increase world travelling speed in the future. Also there is a timer, but it's pretty big one.

It took me a ridiculous amount of time to understand that people with an exclamation mark on their heads aren't just giving me a quest that happens to be "kill me".

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for your feedback!
Exclamation mark means that creatures are going to speak with heroes. You always have option to fight them, but it is up to you. But I agree that this point could be confusing so we explained it in the tutorial.

Incredible game! Well done!
I have been addictivly been playing on hardcore mode for the last few days and its been a ton of fun. some suggestions;

1. Ninjas seem a little too powerful for what level they are, especially the level 4's. Invisibility, backflip, substitution are horrible combinations to fight without being much stronger than them. I think its the substitution, It may have a little too much health and draws aggro for too long.

2. Sometimes characters get stuck, Im not exactly sure why, sometimes it a terrain thing sometimes its trying to walk around someone thats invisible but this often results in a huge swings in the battle. I once defeated 4-5 enemies all because they could target the character they wanted to or failed battles because only 2 people where attacking. it does not happen often but it has killed a run once or twice.

3. I would really like it if the shield related abilities had a provoke. While my tank does generally take most of the aggro sometimes enemies full on charge past or walk past him going straight for my mage. I understand some enemies have a priority to do that but it makes it very difficult to counter it unless you have specific abilities to do so.

4. Im with previous comments with letting the player pick the class and have randomizer/re-roll for the stats. I found myself just refresh the character select screen until I get the classes with vaguely the skills I want.

5. I feel like the loot is just a little too randomized and the fact that you have abilities specific to some weapons not others, while enemies types are weak to some weapon types and not others forces the player to try and decide what will make the bigger difference. Then there is the different levels of damage ontop of that. now I LOVE this depth and decision making but I think it could be a little more polished. maybe giving the player the ability to change any piece of equipments element for a fee? maybe a one time use thing? or enchant scroll that drop?

overall I feel like these are just little nitpicks....excellent job overall.

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for you feedback!

Yes, AI decides to get around ally or to wait and rarely it makes wrong decision.

I agree that loot is very randomized, but I think it is compromise between complexity and depth(having enchant scrolls ect). Also there are shops on the map. They won’t completely mitigate the issue, but should help a little.