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Reviews for "Wondrous Lands"

This is one of the most addictive games I've played on Newgrounds. It's one that found myself playing repeatedly out of a desire to get better at it to the point of where I've defeated the big boss character a few times in "hardcore" mode. The interface handles smoothly, and I'm hugely impressed with the intricacy of the designs and algorithms employed to make all the manifold variables and behaviors to work properly. It's also cool that it's never quite the same game each time. A lot of care and attention to detail was put into this project.

The combo of heroes I found most effective consisted of a warrior equipped with sword & shield, an arcane mage with leadership abilities and an archer who's also adept at law magic. I found it most advantageous to be a devotee of the Earth god, since I can get extra personnel in the form of a friendly animal to join the battles, if I keep the god happy, which isn't too tough to do. (Just don't fight friendly animals or the tiger in the jungle tournament--the Earth god will take away all the advantages bestowed, if you do.) Also, friendly animals will also let you have whatever's in the chests they're guarding, provided there's room to walk around them.

Overall, Wondrous Lands is an excellent way to pass the time while listening to podcasts. The authors have achieved that happy medium where the game is neither so simple that it induces boredom after a short while nor so complex that it induces exasperation. It's one of my all-time favorites on Newgrounds. Well done!

DLord2 responds:

Thank you!

Phew! Just finished the game on Normal after 14 tries or so... which goes to show how addicting, replayable and overall awesome it is. Kudos!
It does have a few small flaws. Sometimes heroes and monsters are hidden behind objects or each other so that I can hardly see what's going on (translucency would've dealt with that nicely). It happened to me a few times that a melee hero got stuck stuck behind some object and took a long time to get out of there and attack... although they did have some special ability to leap forward; and once, two of my heroes advanced to the left while the third was defeated by a charging monster to the right - and then I just emerged victorious... On another note, not really important for the gameplay but artifact names were sometimes unrelated to their bonuses, and I even got two completely different objects with the same name. The tips were good but it took me quite a while to figure out what mages can hold and still cast spells, and I'm not sure I got it right. Oh, and I know many games don't state the level cap in advance, but - why??
OTOH I'm impressed by the amount of randomization you've managed to put into this game; even though the map remains nearly the same, the quests are different and so are the monsters, making it much more interesting to replay (which I had to do a lot b/c losing all lives is irrecoverable). The graphics were simple and cute, but the effort put into them really shows - different equipment looks different, *including* on the heroes when they walk around and fight, spells have different visual effects (which on the down side are hard to recognize) and so on.

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for your feedback!

This is a very addicting game, and the randomness definitely adds to the replayability (if that's even a word). I also like the idea of following different gods and making different decisions based on whichever one you chose. However, I do have a few complaints. First of all, the undead god not letting you use holy magic makes healing near impossible, forcing you to solely rely on vampirism which is very difficult to get. Also, the lives system makes the game rather stressful, especially when you've fought all the easy enemies and keep dying to the more difficult ones, causing you to waste lives, and ultimately, your entire save file becomes useless. Personally, I think the game could be a lot better without the lives system (or at least have a better way to replenish lives rather than just a random chance), because losing against enemies gives you a chance to see what you're doing wrong and how you can potentially improve. Running out of lives makes the game tense and every death feels like a heavy toll on your entire save file. This is why I've never beaten the game on anything higher than Easy mode, which sucks because Vorag is a complete pushover in that mode. It could be that I'm doing something else wrong, but I can never find out what it is because I keep dying before I even get to level 8.

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for your feedback!


Truly a nice game! It is full of nice features: it is pretty, colourful, interesting gameplay, lots of enemies.

I do have some issues with the character creation. It is way too random, sometimes you get a skill points attribution that makes no sense. For instance, you have shield warriors with high Energy, which is only used in casting spells.

It would be truly awesome to be able to choose race and distribute skill points. If you want to keep it random, why not give the ability to lock 1 or 2 characters when rerollling? Or even lock a certain number of skills?

Once again, you did an awesome job!

Have a great day.

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for your fedback! Hmm we changed stat generation and it shouldn't provide high strength and energy for the same hero. I will checked. Initially we designed that player should use random heroes, but then we added return to the menu and then rerolling.

This is a good game, but it's a little over-complicated in terms of its mechanics. In particular, there are too many different kinds of damage. This means you have to hold on to (and micromanage the use of) an insane variety of armour and weapons in order to be effective in battle. As a corollary, it means the only sane defence investment is "dodge", since it's the thing which is effective against the broadest form of attack. Even then, there are a few effects, like "paralysis", which severely unbalance the mechanics.

DLord2 responds:

Thank you! Yes, agree that it is specific game. By the way there is an enchant for equip versus effects like paralyzed.I