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Reviews for "Wondrous Lands"

Wow! I really liked it! Only a variation in the music its what i actually missed.... But the work is fantastic and makes you enjoy the adventure trying multiple combinations...

to rng base with ai that is tactically stupid as fuck on top of which theres nothing telling me how to use the ability points that stats you can use it to learn a damn combo skill!

I play d&d on the regular so this game was a fun reminder of it. 4/5 stars because it's not entirely intuitive as to which direction to head in. Ended up doing a lot of back tracking. Really enjoyed seeing the challenge rating of monsters prior to combat, that's a great mechanic.

In future games, consider cutting down on the available icons. Clicking things on screen was great, but it's needless to have keyboard controls, WASD, and the arrows on screen as well.

This might be the best game on here. I keep looking for new ones and coming back to this one. Great work

DLord2 responds:

Thank you!

Very good work!
About the mechanics, I really like rogue-like elements such as permadeath and random generation, I think they enhance the replayability factor.
About the graphic, I like your cartoonish stylized trait, I think it works well for this kind of game.
About the musics, honestly, I'm a little disappointed: don't take it wrong, the background music is good, but I was expecting some variations, expecially because your map is divided in 5 different environmental sectors, so it would have been nice to have at least 1 different theme for every sector. Probably it could be your next goal for improvement.
By the way, about the save files, I've followed your procedure to allow Flash to store up to 10MB, nevertheless I cannot find a way to continue my saved game: when I click on"save and exit" I come back to the title screen, but when I click on "play" it makes me choose the difficulty to start a new game instead of continue the saved one... there's something that escapes me about that? Where's the "continue saved game" option?
Good luck with your next works!

Edit: I've tried to discover score mechanics and I think I've found a "bug": by playing different matches and losing on purpose after reaching certain goals, writing down scores on a spreadsheet, I've found that 1 hero level is worth 40 points, 1 completed quest is worth 20 points, 1 treasure found is worth 1 point and 1 monster slain is worth 3 points (about bosses defeated is more difficult to tell: by defeating a weak boss I've calculated it's worth 17 points to be a boss + 3 points to be a monter slain, but data doesn't match when I've defeated stronger bosses and won the game, so I don't know if stronger bosses are worth much points or if I gained a special boost because of Vorag). Then there're multipliers, and it's here that my data seems to show a bug: the problem is that multiplying all points for the multipliers it returns the same amount returned by the game only if leaving "treasures found" points outside the multipliers factors. The question is: it's done on purpose, or the multipliers should multiply all points gained? I think it's the latter, so I hope you can fix it, even if it isn't something very important, plus I'm curious to know if I have done my calculations well.

Edit2: I've just verified that by beating Vorag you gain an extra hidden x2 multiplier, then now I'm sure that bosses defeated are worth 17 points for being bosses (+3 points for increasing monsters slain count). Nevertheless the multiplier bug I've found still emerges from my data, so the question in my previous edit still persists.

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for your feedback! We are working on a new game and I hope we will have more music variations and better overall quality.
If you have game save issues, there are 2 possible solutions:
1) Mozilla Firefox - settings - privacy - change to "Firefox will - remember history". It will allow to save game savings. You can use similar approach with other browsers.
2) Google Flash Global Privacy Settings panel - Global Storage Settings - Allow to store up to 10MB - reopen browser. It will not restore this corrupted save, but should help with the future savings.