Reviews for "Wondrous Lands"

This is actually a pretty great game! I'm having tons of fun :D

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for your feedback!

You haven't filled description fo some skills. For example the first skill in leadership ability just says: "Victory is Ours!: Description ***"
What does it it do?
(The game is great. One of the best I've played this year.)

DLord2 responds:

You are right, it is a bug. I have just fixed it and uploaded new version with the fix. Thank you for the bug reporting!
It should be: Increases damage and spell power of the party.

Played this on hardest on the first try.

Reminded me of the Manga Goblin Slayer.

Just got raped, figuratively.

Its a masterpiece anyway.

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for your feedback^_^

It was nice, but I suppose the visual part of the game should be better. I cannot defy the comparsion with EBF3-4, because this game has quite similar concept, and graphics are slightly worse than there. Anyway, it's a good solid game, but sadly, not a hit.

DLord2 responds:

Thank you for your honest opinion!

This was a good game, but it could have been better. One time I got stuck so I clicked the blue arrow at the top. It put me right back to the very beginning of the game! That was really annoying. I still liked the graphics. Boy, was this game complicated.

I was still able to get through some of it. I like the triumphant music. It's fun how the game plays itself. Granted, it isn't fun when you lose. It's still decent.

DLord2 responds:

I will investigate this issue. Thank you very much!
Update: we discussed the issue and looks like you mentioned spell book arrow. We fixed issue by adding confirmation popup on "save game and exit".