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Trying too hard to be funny.

I got nothing out of this. Decent animation except for when they talked but otherwise way too forced when it came to the humor. Wasn't funny.

This is pretty much why I stopped going on this site. Just not my thing anymore.

It's also jarring to suddenly go live instead of animated.

HadenDA responds:

Thank you for the review. I knew I'd get a few like this eventually but this is a little later than I anticipated. I completely understand why you didn't like it. I feel like it's going over people's heads that the main animated part is a dream, but oh well. Since you didn't enjoy this I hope you don't mind if I recommend one of my other cartoons; 08 - Oh, A.I.
It's a tad more coherent, has dialogue that isn't quite as nonsensical, but, much like this cartoon, it likes lip syncing. There are a few bits that are context sensitive, but overall, I think you will most certainly like it more than this.

I got no audio either. Whole thing is totally soundless! Will try again another time to see if it works and give a proper rating then.

HadenDA responds:

Perhaps this'll do the trick. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jDYLcByELk&t=1s

The video doesn't load ? says faulty media file.. wtf?

is it suposed to have sound? cus i cant hear anything... and yes my volume is at max