Reviews for "Pixoji"

Awesome. Very creative

XYsquid responds:


Super fun and creative! Having a really great time. Great game overall!

This is a fantastic little puzzle game! I like the mechanics and how it gets progressively more difficult with all the new complex rules added every few levels. Very well done!

One thing I thought could be improved is the mistake system. I think it could be replaced with a hint system (or "check progress" button that will tell how many mistakes you made) while retaining the same intentions you had for it. This is mostly because I've accidentally clicked a few times when I didn't mean to, and got solutions (or penalized) unintentionally. I also would like to click buttons to try them out without having the intention for them to be final answers, but that's not possible with the mistake system you have. It's just a minor preference worth mentioning :)

Also I'm very curious on how you generated levels based on the art. Did you create a program to help you out with that? That stuff is really interesting to me. If you did it manually, then I'm equally impressed. Either way, the levels were really clever and challenging, and I'm having a great time playing through! :D

I really like this one, it's a nice little puzzle game that reminds me of the minesweeper days during class. It's also charming and simplistic in its art style :) No music but that means I can listen to my own tunes as i kill some time .

Great game I have been playing it a lot
Just a little bug.. I finished the first 60 levels and 20 relaxing levels
I cant access levels from like 21-30 nothing happens. The others work