Reviews for ""Isabelle's All-Nighter" Short FAN Animation (LOOP)"

too cute!

Isabelle, I know that you burn for your position, but...
Look: Do the town a favour and at least get a pillow and a sign that says "ring the Isabelle if service is required" if you can't leave your desk unattended.
At this rate, you're gonna have to get a new desk... and possibly some sort of corrective surgery.

(4.5/5, because there wasn't a glorious image where she dozed off in the end. That would've made it perfect.) <3

mikemichaelmic responds:

Oh man why didn't I think of that ending image thing?! That's a great idea :0

This is very cute. The motion is natural and smooth. I know you work in industry, but how did you learn animate anyway?

mikemichaelmic responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you like it :). Honestly it's a combination of learning it from the awesome teachers at my 3 year college program and a bunch of practice after I learned the basics. If you really want to learn how to animate you gotta start from the basics and learn the principles. After that, study tooons of people and reference and practice, practice, practice ;). If you want to know more about a good starting point lemme know :)

Beautiful,appealing animation and design for this short loopingscene. Top quality, you've gained a new follower, I look forward to every new piece of work you produce!

mikemichaelmic responds:

Thank you so much Flaxor! That really mean a lot :). It'll take a while before my next big film thing but it's coming for sure ;).

She's just so cute!