Reviews for ""Isabelle's All-Nighter" Short FAN Animation (LOOP)"

Isabelle, I know that you burn for your position, but...
Look: Do the town a favour and at least get a pillow and a sign that says "ring the Isabelle if service is required" if you can't leave your desk unattended.
At this rate, you're gonna have to get a new desk... and possibly some sort of corrective surgery.

(4.5/5, because there wasn't a glorious image where she dozed off in the end. That would've made it perfect.) <3

mikemichaelmic responds:

Oh man why didn't I think of that ending image thing?! That's a great idea :0

too cute!

Dat titty wiggle. |:]

Short but nice and well animated! Congrats!

Well this was surprisingly repetitive.