Reviews for "Mutant Snake"

Once those spikes start coming out the challenge level rises considerably! Doesn't matter how many lives you collect, once you get stuck it's over, which seems to defeat the purpose of that particular upgrade. But it really is a pretty addictive again, easy to keep starting over and over, and I like the idea. Simple new, with intuitive controls and pretty catchy/atmospheric music in the background. Nice work!


Its fun, but its pretty easy. The medals give you a lot of points, when they should give you much less. The music, though repetitive, fits the game. The artstyle is nice, too. not too much gameplay, but still an enjoyable experience.

The gameplay in this game is "relatively" smooth and gets really cool and epic later on, but there are some annoying downsides to the game:

- I would suggest to improve the graphical aspect of the game a bit. Add more details, colors, shading etc. On top of that you could maybe also introduce more levels into the game

-The game is and already looks pretty buggy, especially towards the end, when it's like insanely fast and when you once lose everything except the head and then the camera zooms out and shakes so much that you literally give up, since you're just a human, and not a robot who can work with such conditions

As annoying and stressful as it might have been, it was still really fun to hunt that 100 points achievement ( kept dying at like 91-98 ). But still, definitely consider improving the points I mentioned, to save some other achiement hunters some brain cells ;) :D