Reviews for "Madness Hallucination 2.5"

Dat Dudingdong on Heather tho.

Everybody did a really good job, especially DaskerKS, my niBBa Dudingdarn, Grabel168, madyellow (surprisingly), Ghost-kewell (GUD MEMES), Kryy(Happy birthday btw) and SM28

The best thing was the variety of enviroments and custom backgrounds people used, like the bunnykill floors, the zeppelin and stuff, not to mention everybody used his own sound effects instead using the same boring and repetitive standart madness sound effect swoshes over and over again like SOME PEOPLE...but yeah that was pretty decent, i shoulda have made something for it.....oh well

GUD VIDEO, i will be waiting for the youtube version

Not bad kiddos, although I believe that both of Vassline's parts were a little too similar.

kota1337 responds:

whats up?

I recommend seeing this if you have a bad mood. But otherwise, not everything was good.

i thought it was a good and shouldn't be under judgement