Reviews for "BLOCK SPOT"

good puzzle game

not too hard and not too easy.. I solved the last level with only 3 tries and I though my brain will hurt somewhere in level 60, because it is a puzzle game with a time limit. (as a console gamer, i hate time limits in game missions) :D

for background music, it is so relaxing and helps me to focus :")

this was actually pretty fun, it was a challenging puzzle game that made you use your eyes along with brain power to figure out how you would fit these shapes into these set amounts of boxes, it seems like it could be a phone app Hell i'd even pay for it if it was one.

I think it is a pretty relaxing game with nice music but it is hard using a mouse to rotate the figures I clicked many times before the piece rotated.

RedYellowGreen responds:

Thank you. I am very flattered! Relax... code fixes will be ready soon!

Would be fun as a mobile game, I wouold even pay for it

RedYellowGreen responds:

Maybe I'll think about it. But I'll be happy if someone makes this mobile game better than me! Thank you!

As a smart individual, I love puzzle games, and this is no exception. I am stuck on page 84. Do you think that you could put a link to a walkthrough in the description? Thanks!