Reviews for "BLOCK SPOT"

Would be fun as a mobile game, I wouold even pay for it

RedYellowGreen responds:

Maybe I'll think about it. But I'll be happy if someone makes this mobile game better than me! Thank you!

I think it is a pretty relaxing game with nice music but it is hard using a mouse to rotate the figures I clicked many times before the piece rotated.

RedYellowGreen responds:

Thank you. I am very flattered! Relax... code fixes will be ready soon!

good puzzle game

not too hard and not too easy.. I solved the last level with only 3 tries and I though my brain will hurt somewhere in level 60, because it is a puzzle game with a time limit. (as a console gamer, i hate time limits in game missions) :D

for background music, it is so relaxing and helps me to focus :")

solved puzzle 1. no medal.

solved puzzle 10. no medal.

didn't like that i couldn't drag pieces around like on a tabletop. hated that i'd drag a little then let go and it'd fling back. very user unfriendly.

above all, hated that i couldn't skip to harder levels.

in puzzle games, it is an absolutely unforgivable cardinal sin to force players to play dozens of easy levels. what a waste of time.

RedYellowGreen responds:

1) Medals work. Perhaps you were expecting a notification, but it was not implemented. Look at your profile, there are medals.

2) Good idea about a tabletop.

3) Yes, unfortunately, some levels are superfluous.

I'll try to make this game more friendly in terms of control.

Thank you!

A fun little puzzle game. Like Tetris, but you can place and replace the pieces many times.

The control is a little sloppy. Like sometimes I want to click to rotate and it thinks I want to move the piece.
Also sometimes the pieces won't go on the board exactly and you have to drag them slightly to the side before they settle.
And it's annoying that you can't move a piece on the board. You have to take it completely off and then put it back on again.
The difficulty is not consistent. Some puzzles you have to be exact, and some have space left over. Some have so much space left over you could fit another piece in if you wanted to. After about level 40, they started getting really easy, like there was enough space for 3 or 4, or something 5 more pieces on the board if only I had them.

Despite its flaws, not a bad game, if you like this kind of puzzle.

RedYellowGreen responds:

Thanks for the review! I can only agree with you. I will make a new version of this game and I'll bear that in mind. In the future, I will show games to the community before publishing a game. Good luck!