Reviews for "BLOCK SPOT"

I gotta agree with MeGa-Wise. The difficult curve jumps around wildly, with a level being anywhere between head-scratching to a breeze all the way through the game.

Real primitive and simple puzzle game, the levels lack any difficulty progression and are just ordered randomly, some levels, even many late levels have so many additional space after putting all figures in that there is no challenge. Some very few levels are legitimately somewhat challenging, but it is completely random occurrence.

The good things about this game is that it has medals, has a lot of levels and music can be turned off, basic stuff.

As a smart individual, I love puzzle games, and this is no exception. I am stuck on page 84. Do you think that you could put a link to a walkthrough in the description? Thanks!


this was actually pretty fun, it was a challenging puzzle game that made you use your eyes along with brain power to figure out how you would fit these shapes into these set amounts of boxes, it seems like it could be a phone app Hell i'd even pay for it if it was one.

Cool game, but I think I found a bug on 7 and 8. Two pieces can occupy the same square if you place one piece and then drag the other slightly off center over the square that is occupied by the previous piece. Didn't work on all levels, or at least not with all shapes.