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Reviews for "A grunt time killer"

awesome work for a loop

think the below comment is because this has been seen elsewhere before even being on HERE- that might be why idk. im not gonna go search for this or that evidence BLAH BLAH just gonna enjoy a nice animation- well not "enjoy" too busy gaming pfft
( go to comdotgame under the /adult section,]; people have been uploading all kinds of stuff there even your stuff has floated there not sure what but i think ive seen this there )

SpicyBardo responds:

Oh really? i didn't know some of my stuffs were uploaded here too. That's kinda cool.

Over all good work. The animation is consistent and smooth. Characters are stylized and colorful... anatomically, everything is about where it's supposed to be, and you've gone the extra effort of detail. Visually, your in the zone with the style...
This would be a hundred percent improved with a well devised and sync'ed audio to go with it. It's a loop and on commission, so I get it. The sad thing is that silent loops seem to be a growing trend and at least occasionally I get the distinct sensation (suspicion?) that some artists are doing it to grow notoriety for visual and just copping out (cheaping out?) on the audio because they don't have the requisite patience or knowledge/skill set to finish the work...
Enough of me ranting... lolz.
As to quality, anatomical and otherwise visually oriented... It's not a medical research project. I think there will be some who would like to see it absolutely perfect, and you could argue that her anus should be visible from that angle in that pose... but... I believe it to be a style question. Frankly, I don't see a huge great gain from going back through the thing and putting in all the work... So in any case that you get "guff" about the matter (not promising you will, but you might) just take it with a grain of salt and understand that some "anal retentive types" have a thing about it.
Finally, don't forget to breathe, relax, and then keep on keeping on. :o)

SpicyBardo responds:

Hahaha, thanks for the review dude :)

I think for the next animations i have, i'll put sound on them, to mark that extra step that every other loop in here is missing.

Looks great, very smooth! :D

I think your art is FANTASTIC, but these aren't movies. They're literally gifs. There isn't even sound.

SpicyBardo responds:

ohh, well, yeah they are.
Maybe i should make something about it.