Reviews for "Golem_pilot"

Interesting, though pretty limited so far. i do like not starting with a wall of exposition, but would be nice to have some explination as to why the golem needs to do all this, seems the elemental could have done a lot of the work long before hand.

game loads, i select new game, game says "script error" and doesnt start

Good game and concept tbh. Runs really well so far. Just small suggestions would obviously be to add animation in the future, maybe expand dialogue but other than that pretty good

ReallyMadPanda responds:

I sure want to add animations, but for now it takes too much time. That is why I have made a patreon page.

Check it out:

great looking so far and runs smooth, but at the point of giving over life to the mud golems I am given a error message.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'width' of null

ReallyMadPanda responds:

I will look into this

Great start to a game, but could use more animations in the reanimation of the mud golems and the removal of earth shards from the elemental. Keep up the good work.

ReallyMadPanda responds:

I might do that. I will write it down :)