Reviews for "Golem_pilot"

This game already looks amazing, i like the direction it seems to be going in. The only thing that i believe could make this better would be either movement on the images or multiple images for the life giving ones, overall great looking game 10/10 in my book

no doubt this game is on a good path, with some other updates and animations in the scenes .. everything will be wonderful

Looking forward to updates!

Love the concept to this, can't wait to see this expanded on!

It is a very good concept and is well done so far, but I have noticed that after making the mud golem with the large tits more alive it shows the new picture (the more human like picture) for her once and after it goes back to the old one (the mud picture) for her and unlike with the other 2 her dialogue stays the same, could also use some more work on the sex scenes, possibly add in the body for the player character to it, and when you make the intro maybe add in an option to choose a name for your character.