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Reviews for "A pirate's booty"

Great and all but it seems odd that you choose to make the pivot point for the action in her knees... when it seems like it should be at the ankle. it would be different if the guy was the source of Force acting on her but she is the source of Force...... so ideally she would need more leverage for the action shown to be plausible when considering her center of gravity..... but i may be wrong. Reference video would come in handy here to know for sure.

i mean i have a feeling the reason you made this decision was so you didn't have to redraw her entire leg each frame.
which is fine. Animation is very Time consuming.

in reality it doesn't bother me that much... this is literally the only criticism i have.
just felt it was something good to keep in mind.
keep up the great work!

This is fucking great dude your fantastic at animating. The only problem is that weird static/pixel effect going on hopefully you can figure out how to fix that but other than that this is perfect.

why is it all staticky ? not bad but just not sure if it's like that or if it got corrupted or ... idk
love it though i think im slowly starting to apreciate the cuteness of shantea though her boob physics in game sometimes make me wanna punch a wall like NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bard-bot responds:

Ohh yeah, that's a problem because i just didn't knew how to export it well.

And that's how you make Jell-O flan, gentlemen...

Bard-bot responds:

THis should be the only and official way to do it.


Bard-bot responds:

Thank you