Reviews for "Gravity Run"

You're on to something well done. This thing has great potential

applessmillion responds:


Pretty cool game with a neat look ^_^ Reminds me of other mobile games that I've played

I think it needs some small features, like skins you can get, more challenging aspects or maybe even a different view everytime, something like that.

Besides that, don't really have much else to say. Pretty decent game :)

really neat game i feel like some situations are impossible but i haven't put too much time in it. My only issue is it could really use a soundtrack the repeated tap sound effect gets pretty annoying there's a ton of stuff on the audio portal here on newgrounds you could use for your game

Nicely done!

Pretty simple, but effective.
I would suggest to move the camera further away from the player, because sometime you cannot see the ground even it is the only option.
Another sugestion of mine would be to change the color themes to mono color per section as it is exausting for the eyes when the colors change that often.
Maybe some pickups? :)

Nevertheless good job!

applessmillion responds:

The visibility issue will be fixed in an update rolled out today!
I can see to modifying the colors, as I will admit the changes are quite frequent currently.

I am happy there is a mute button.
It is possible to get walled in while not making a mistake.

The perspective doesn't add anything to the gameplay.
Screen shots imply that the phone shows more of the platform than on the PC.