Reviews for "Cubito Mayhem"

Simple y adictivo, felicidades!

Oultrox responds:

¡Muchas gracias! me alegro que le haya gustado.


Oultrox responds:

Thank you!

This game is insane! I just really love those fast paced games with like really crazy colors, lasers, effects and lots of action! :D
Also, awesome to see another game release from the creator of "Code Red" ;)

I think that there are several features you can add to the game that will make it even better and more addictive. Definitely consider adding some of these, since they will boost your game's entertainment aspect, more or less:

-Adding like a multiplayer OR 2-player mode ( move with arrow keys, bigger map, shoot with like L or something) would make this game awesome for playing with friends and just generally make it more fun and different.

-Something rewarding, like more stages and achievements, to keep the player interested in the game, and also expand it further, if you want that.

-Some bosses, in case you haven't added them already ( my highscore was only like 1840 )

Other than that, this is a really cool-looking and fast-paced action-shooter with lots of action and awesome effects, but I definitely think that there can be more added to it ;3

Oultrox responds:

Thank you so much for your feedback! and don't worry, this game will be extended, I'm really glad you liked the main mechanics. <3

I would love to upload something like highscore in Newgrounds but apparently there's only API for that in flash, I'll look more into it.

i looove it! ~

Oultrox responds:

I'm glad you like it!

those mechanics are actually amazing :)
but keep on working for more versatile game!

Good job!

Oultrox responds:

Sure thing! thank you!