Reviews for "Juri's private room"

Thank you for adding the option to change the dude skin color!!! (Was really happy when I found out!) [Side note: I hope this becomes standard for animators when the dude is a no name, I like imagining that I'm the no name, so it doesn't help when the only color is light and not dark, so thank you again for adding this!]

My feedback would be that the quality on my end looks a little pixelated? (Not sure what the correct term is but the lines don't look fluid so it looks like its on medium quality.)

I saw you comment saying that you ran out of time to make the nude, but that's okay. My only suggestion is to maybe have the breast hanging out or a tear in her pants showing her pussy then? Not sure if others would prefer that, just my suggestion.

Lastly, glad to see an end animation, and a replay. My only gripe is that the replay blocks the finish screen.

Final notes; love this animation overall, the quality, art, animation, sound, and cum scene are great.

Love your work man and can't wait to see more!

Bard-bot responds:

Much appreciated my dude.

This was really a cocktail of mistakes, i'll make sure to not make them again of the next one.

Again, thanks for the review.

this is the first time ever that a foot job was actually hot..... props for doing this so well!

Bard-bot responds:

Hey! thank you dude!

Wouldn't call this a minigame, more of an animation, great none the less

Bard-bot responds:

oh, just name it that because it has buttons in it. lol

wow this is great. I wish it went a little further. Hell i wish it was a full on game. The art is great, and the girl is very much desirable.

i don't have a foot fetish, but this is pretty nice!