Reviews for "TheFatRat - Unity (Zyzyx Remix)"

Awesome remix! Those problems with the vocals really aren't a huge issue actually. People just like being nit-picky because there's not much else to fault this remix for. Good job!!!

By the way, I just released my very first song. I was wondering if you'd be interested in checking it out, maybe? IDK if it'll show up since I haven't been scouted yet (I'm new). But, yeah, great work, and I'd appreciate some feedback.

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Thanks for leaving a review :D But the thing about the vocals: Right now, the 'clipping' which I don't hear may not be an issue, but if I ever want to make money off of my music then I will have to learn to fix little things like that. Basically in the future it will be more important. But sure, I'll listen to some of your stuff!

Just... epic McEpic! :D You just made that I download this to my phone and to listen it when I need that little piece of time just for me and my music :D
Review = ∞²/10
Keep Going ;)

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Thank you for the review :)

I heard a lot of clipping around the vocals, you may need to play with them if you want it to be less noticeable.

First of all, it needs more swing. It adds more of an interesting rhythm that you hear in the original. I also hear some clipping issues, which aren't the best thing to have. Make sure you're not pushing your sounds too hard. Compression, when used properly, can help it sound the way you want it to while preventing clipping. Other than that, it's a well made remix. I'm not a fan of the vocals, but that's more of a problem for TheFatRat than it is for you. Nice job!


DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Clipping? I don't hear none xD well maybe my headphones are just bad. Also about the swing thing, I originally had the notes so they sounded like that. But then I moved them, just because it sounded to close to the original and I liked it normal better. IDK why, just personal preference probably xD but I guess in my next son I should try that. Thanks for the review Kyron!! :D

AMAZING MAN! Keep up the good work! ;)

DJ-Zyzyx responds:

Thank you mate :D