Reviews for "Pmation: "Scrambled Legs""

This is great, it reminds of the old fashion loony toons. I remember watching your old stuff on youtube. But unlike those, the animation style kinda looks too clean but still flows great. uh yeah. i don't dabble in animation hehehehe

That's one unlucky doodle dude. XD Not even in his angelic form is his apparition appreciated!! Nice work with the expressions though. Creative work!


that poor f#cking doodle ;w;

Well, um, umm....Another pencilmation death

The ending was easily the best part. I was just so impressed at how it escalated. I thought the giant shoes would be enough. You even went so far as to destroy his angel! Without dialogue, there's still a lot of personality. That's what made Tom and Jerry so good.

The music was as good as ever. So was the animation. You'll just never run out of ideas. I'm glad to have seen this series go on so long. The colors are always nice.