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Reviews for "Madness: Nevada Hotline"

Fun game ! But a little too easy i think?

io3creations responds:

Yeah, as mentioned in the description, the game is using one of my engines that isn't finished hence limited enemy AI. Now I'm moving to Unity from Flash and that game engine will have all the features that I want. Including actual Boss fights! :)

Overall, I'm glad that people like the game as is. I was expecting a score of around 3 but it's much closer to 4. :)


probably the best game that i saw on the " New Spankin' Games " Nice level desgin, simple (Sprites, Enemies) i like it.

at the last i expected a boss because of all the weapons. lol

io3creations responds:

I'm glad you liked it! :)

Yes, that was the Big Surprise! XD

The "sequel" will definitely have a boss.

The game could be more exciting if the enemies were harder. Nonetheless, I had fun playing it, though you could have put more levels.


This is a good game its a hotline miami inspirated game (obvius) is good but no its frenetic like hotline miami y like the game but the enemies are easy to kill and slows no is the best game of madness but isn't bad. (I'm sorry if I have had any spelling mistakes I speak Spanish).


Este es un buen juego es un juego inspirado en hotline miami (obvio) es bueno pero no es frenetico como hotline miami me gusta el juego pero los enemigos son faciles de matar y son lentos no es el mejor juego de madness pero no es malo.

Me while playing the game

Wait Hank can speak now?
Who's these phone dude
why is Hank skin coloured
why can't I dodge the enemies attacks
why is this pistol so crap
why are the enemies now skin coloured
why can't I pick up their guns
wait why am I in a parking lot
who are these robot fellas
this shotgun holy crap is loud
nice minigun nail gun?
this is a 2017 game
why are the levels so big with out anything supplies
why aren't there any more branching paths with goodies
huh that acheaviment gave the ending away

10/10 ign

What did I just play
Glad it's short could've got boring quickly but needless to say it was short and sweat

though difficulty and challenges could've made me want to play more