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Reviews for "Souped-up Civic"

What the fuck???

This is the wackest shit I ever saw... get this bullshit away from me. Totally FUCKED UP.

funny idea to make fun of...

except the movie sucked!!!! the idea of ranking on a souped up civic could have been done much better, i think most just gave this a good review cause uhh..duhh..they dont uh like souped up civics, vote on the movie not the fuckin principal of it. the principal was good but the movie sucked!!!!!!!


civics are pretty good cars for their price. a civic isnt the best sports car because its not. a souped up civic looks and works better, and it is not usually intended for racing.

the flash was not that good, and had no real point. sure im biased. i dont give a fuck.

Dont quit your day job.........

What the hell did that have to do with sooping up Hondas? Funny how one would put time and effort into hating on Imports.... But you do score 1 point for effort. Later hater....

Not cool

I dont find this shit funny ot anything, People can fucking die from that and you are trying to make it into humor and shit man, It happened to my brother, except he could afford a better car then that peice of shit. it doesnt only happen with souped up cars. this fucking flash sucks more bum then a toilet seat.